Etiquette of charing

(this is Gooogle-translated text -  thank you for understanding)


Although we do not have too many electric cars in our country, there is a greater concentration in some locations, so there is a greater chance of meeting someone else at the charging station, and with the increase in the number of electric vehicles it will be increasingly important that we adhere to some guidelines for the optimal use of public charging stations:

  • do not park in the locations provided for charging
  • after charging is complete move the car and release the charging station to others
  • be mindful of other electric vehicle drivers, especially if they are far away
  • if possible, help others with a charging problem (they don't know where, they don't have a charging card, etc.)



One problem you may encounter - especially in locations where electric vehicles are rarely charged - is the smartwatches that use charging stations as a parking lot, so when you arrive at the charging station you cannot park near the charging station. Drivers of fossil fuels are unlikely to read this, so it makes no sense for them to advise and make requests. A colleague came up with a great idea that you can apply if you have a long enough charging cable (minimum 7-8 meters):

  • you park your car in front of those blocking the charging station
  • light all 4 flashers
  • connect the charging cable
  • sit down at a nearby cafe overlooking the charging station
  • enjoy the sight of "smarts" losing their nerve because now someone has done the same thing to them

Adjust your follow up depending on the situation and how much your nerve is up - you can show up after ten minutes and let the "smart guy" out or the whole game stretch a little and wait for them to call the police (who will be happy to explain that you are out of battery and you had no choice but to stop this way when the "smarties" took the place reserved for charging).

CAUTION! Some "smarts" - besides being very "smart" - can also be prone to violence when they experience the things they usually do to others. 


Day parking

All the parking places next to the charging stations are exclusively used for charging electric vehicles - this is not a parking lot reserved for electric vehicles and when you finish charging your car should be moved to a normal parking space.

You should always think of other owners of electric vehicles in such a way that you too can find yourself in the situation of someone else who will not be able to charge because the car has remained on the charging station for much longer than necessary and thus blocks everyone else.

These situations are solved in a very simple way - 30 minutes after the end of the vehicle charging, an extra charge is started which is higher than the cost of charging, so the cars move quickly because they are not worth staying.


Charge speed

Depending on the type of charging station and electric car, charging can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to several hours, and the urgency of charging depends on whether you are on the road to refuel as soon as possible and have gone shopping or gone shopping for 3 hours.

Generally, I try to be respectful of those from afar, and if I can (I'm not in a hurry or have enough battery) I let them charge before me - in the hope that others will have a similar understanding when I'm away from home.

If you are connected to a charging station and the charging will take a long time (more than 1-2 hours, for example), you may be able to make a concession and leave someone who can top up in a shorter time.